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A's Brand Baseball: You Win Some, You Lose Some...Except That Last Part.

And all was right in the world of the A's. For one beautiful, glorious day in time, everything is as it should be. Savor this moment. Remember this moment. Enjoy being an A's fan right now, because this is truly what we live for. This is why we follow this team.

One interesting thing to note about long, emotional night games. I have noticed that the winners of those games seem to fare better in the next day's games. Today seemed to follow that same pattern. I was pretty confident in win number 10 today. Let me restate that:


I had to link to the Father's Day Tribute Diary. It's amazing how many of our fathers got us our start in baseball. Of course, mine will forever lament me choosing the A's over the Giants, but Dad? Did I mention that we've won ten in a row!?!?!?

I've got NOTHING to say in the way of criticism. The A's are doing what they do best, in grand style. Ten in a row will earn you a day off from any suggestions or improvements. <tips cap>

Living in Los Angeles has some advantages. One of these is the benefit of televised baseball for all of the Dodgers and all of the Angels games, a foreign concept to A's fans in Northern California. Even though I rely heavily on Extra Innings for my baseball games (which I understand dropped the ball on this series), I had the advantage of being able to not only watch this weekend's games from my house, but in every single store down here; from the cleaners, to the sports bars, to the parking garage, to the ice cream store. In the case of last night's game, all of the above.

Of course, I was treated to the voice of the Dodgers, Vin Scully, for the entire series, and I'll be honest. I learned more about our A's personal lives in one weekend than I have during this whole year. Scully, and whether you like his voice or not, knows everything about the lives of our A's, and it was so interesting to pick up the personal anecdotes during the many, many hours of baseball this weekend. He is a very unbiased commentator, he knows his baseball, and he is such a treat to listen to when he is talking about our team. Not to mention, he is a National League announcer, from a team that plays the A's once every five years or so. He would have no real reason to know that much about our team, yet, he very obviously did. Just wanted to say thanks, Vin. It was a pleasure.

Some highlights and observations:

  • The Dodgers might have fared better if they had started Perez over Sele. I'm just sayin'.
  • As one of Crosby's biggest critics, I must say that Bobby continues to surprise me day after day, at bat after at bat. He really does seem like he's turned a corner. The two keys: He's hitting opposite field, and he's really exercising a Thomas-esque batting eye. (Frank Thomas.)
  • I'm also really tough on Scutaro, but I must admit he made one of the best DPs I've ever seen, at a time when the A's really needed it to shut down the Dodgers offense, and he hit today. hugs
  • We've grounded into 71 double plays in 69 games! We rule! (I couldn't resist)
  • Lost in the offense! today, was Joe Blanton, with his second great start in a row! This was no weak offensive team he faced, and to limit them to just two runs is certainly quality, which just shows he's rolling with the rest of them. And by nearly throwing (ho hum) another complete game, he single-handedly saved most of the bullpen. Of all the times to have a fresh bullpen, this next series is the most vital.
  • How are Kendall's knees still attached to his body?
  • Can we keep Mike Rouse? Please? I'll feed and walk him every day!
  • Good decision putting Huston Street right back on the horse for today's save.

I love June. I want to marry June and have little babies with June. For those of you scoring at home, 14-2 in June, and 15-2 since The Homerun. That is UNBELIEVABLE!

Things don't get easier. More interleague play tomorrow; this time at Home Run Derby Park, boasting lofty final scores like 16-15 and 19-18.

We'll be 16 and 19. They can be 15 and 18.

Bring it on.