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An ANer In Need

[EDITOR'S NOTE: You aren't crazy, I put this post up earlier until I realized that the paypal link wasn't working. It took me a few tries to get in touch with Jeremy in order to get the right place to send help. - Blez]

AN has always been great about pitching in to help for causes when they arise, such as the Bill King Smuin Ballet Fund (through the purchase of tee shirts AN has raised over $5,000 for the Smuin Ballet in King's name) and the donation of season tickets to two local Oakland-based charities earlier this year.

I'd like to pause for a second and ask for ANers to consider helping out someone who is a big part of Athletics Nation even though you haven't really heard of him. His name is Jeremy and he was the first AN tech guy. He set this site up and gave it all the bells and whistles.

Last week he was traveling (thankfully) and a drunk driver drove right through his house destroying most of his belongings. If he didn't happen to be out of town, he might've been killed along with his 2 1/2 year old daughter. He lost so much and needs help to get on his feet right now.

I'm not asking anyone to give who can't afford it, but if you can spare even the smallest donation, please consider doing so for someone who is near and dear to the AN community. You can donate to him through PayPal at jeremy at archibaldsisters dot com. Just put something like from an ANer in the subject line.

As for myself, I'm still traveling and will be returning to the triple digit Sactown summer days tomorrow. I'm assuming there won't be a Ford F-150 parked in our house when we get back. Hopefully.

Much thanks to baseballgirl, Nico, louismg and Brian for keeping up the site the best damn A's community in my absence. And a big thank you to the Oakland Athletics for making this season exciting once again despite all the injury problems and pitching issues they still have. Rich Harden is officially joining the ranks of Mister Rogers, Mister Bojangles, Mister Cookieface, Mister Bond, Mister Ed, Mister Mom and Mister Mister as famous misters. He's officially Mister DL.

Update by kos (I hope Blez doesn't mind): Here's the story from the local paper, including picture:

He said McNary's pickup reached the T intersection of Conger Avenue and Division Street just after midnight and failed to stop. The pickup went airborne, crashed through the wall and landed completely inside the home, pinning a crib in the baby's room against the opposite wall, he said.
It makes me sick to imagine what might've happened had the family been home.