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One-Run Fate

The A's seem destined to play more one-run games than my heart can handle this season. The A's are now leading the American League in one-run games with 14. They are now 7-7 in those games.

This one should've been easier. Huston Street seems to be struggling with his command a bit and players are making the adjustments to that nasty slider. They're laying off it.

But Danny Haren was enormous in this game, providing the A's with 7 1/3 strong innings against a great hitting club. He basically melted down a bit at the end of a brilliant performance. But thankfully, Kiko was Kiko and Street survived a scary ninth.

The real interesting development in this game is Adam Melhuse. Millhouse called a very good game tonight as Haren probably had his best outing of the season up until that last inning. Millhouse also hit a home run, briefly reminding the A's that you can get power out of that position. He also ripped a single. The Kendall suspension could create quite the controversy. If Millhouse performs the way that many, including myself, think he can than Kendall could wind up being a $10 million bench player. I know, I know, it's one game and there's no need to stir up controversy where there isn't any. But Millhouse has always performed very well in a substitute role and he's never been given the opportunity to be a starter. If he helps spark the offense over the next four games, that could be a distinct possibility.

I do find it interesting that Haren had one of his best performances tonight without Kendall behind the dish. Kendall's saving grace has always been his ability to call a game well. If the A's pitchers excel with Millhouse throwing down signs, then that argument could be moot.

Regardless, a hearty congratulations to Mark Ellis who came within an at-bat of tying an Oakland A's record for consecutive hits. Ellis had seven in a row before he reached base because of an error in his eighth at-bat (which turned out to be a pivotal run).

Nick Swisher's at-bats tonight were a little disturbing as he suddenly looked lost on the breaking pitches. But that could have more to do with the ump and his somewhat erratic strike zone. At least I'm hoping that's the case. The erratic zone worked to Danny Haren's favor, by the way, so it isn't as if I'm complaining.

And let's just all take some time tonight to send some good vibes north of the border for Eric Chavez. The A's can not afford to lose him for any amount of time given the state of the offense.