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Much Better, Thank You

Yes, I didn't mind the blowout thing last night so much as I minded who was blowing out whom. Glad we got that minor detail corrected.

Apparently, it's my week to eat crow, because pretty everything I say is immediately proven wrong. Evidently, Jason Johnson won't give a team 8 innings per start so much as he will average 8 innings per month--we'll call that a typo and move on. It would appear that the A's won't win most of the starts by "guys like Haren" and struggle to win half the games started by "guys like Halsey and Saarloos," so scratch that, reverse it, and move right along, nothing to see here.

Props to Saarloos and Melhuse, for overcoming the adversity of not being used enough to stay sharp and for being plenty sharp anyway. Props to Nick Swisher for being a God-like hunk of awesome perfection and practically improving his OBP 100 points in a single bound (that is, season). Props to baseballgirl for filling in for me enough today to bail me out of agreeing to manage the site without checking to see if it might be a day game (oops). And props to the word "props" for making this paragraph possible.