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Open Thread - Our Team is Broken!

Oh sure. Give baseballgirl the game after a terrible, terrible loss. Actually, if you want the truth, this loss wasn't as bad as last week's blown 7-0 lead. I think most of us had resigned ourselves to the "L" after the 6-1 start last night, and it was actually nice for once to come back and get the ball in the hands of our closer, who of course, didn't hold the lead. But is that really the point?

Here are some discussion topics for the next few hours:

  • Huston Street. Sophomore slump? Injury? League figuring him out? Discuss.
  • Bobby Crosby. Will he develop the plate discipline he needs to be a true offensive force in our lineup?
  • Frank Thomas. Is he doing what we all thought he could?
  • Adam Melhuse. Do we play him every day?
  • Marco Scutaro. Can we risk keeping him on the roster? Who can replace him?
  • What is up with Chavez and Ellis? We need some inside information.
  • Rich (or Rick, if you prefer) Harden. I hate to get too excited...but...
On Tuesday, Macha made up his mind. Harden is going to be sent to Las Vegas on Wednesday to pitch two innings, and if everything goes as planned, Harden will start on Sunday against the Twins.

And just think! In a couple of hours, we get to play a game, and not only that, but we must win to avoid a sweep at the hands of the mighty Royals. ;) And one more thing: