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Last Week Never Happened - I Won't Tell If You Won't

<pulls out giant eraser, erases last week of baseball>

So, I guess I feel like I should have something witty to say about the A's right now. Something funny and positive, that will make this season seem just right for the beginning of June. Well, you're out of luck today. All I have is a bunch of questions.

Why does it hurt so much?
Why does the offense suck so often?
Why do players that enjoy success with other teams seem to fall right into our offensive trap when they come to Oakland?
Why can't Rich Harden stay healthy?
Why can't the whole team stay healthy?
Why do I have the urge to strangle people when they post, "But the A's are only __ games out of first place!" or other people who say, "The A's suck. I'm not watching anymore."
Why do they never stop watching?
Why, no matter how many great players we have, does it seem like we're always the underdogs?
Why do I wish that just once, we could embarrass a team on Sunday Night Baseball...or at the very least, win the stupid game?
Why do I cry at the thought of losing Zito?
Why can't Macha see that Nick Swisher is a better player than Crosby currently is, or ever has been?
Why are there RiverCats in our bullpen?
Why did I use three hours every day during my vacation listening to the A's heartbreaking losses when I knew better?
Why did I jump up and scream yesterday when the A's won one game out of eight?
Why did I give Zito a standing ovation from the couch when he went into the eighth to help us last night?
Why did I get misty-eyed when Street completed the five-out save?
Why am I so grateful to be only two games back?
Why do I still think we're going to win some games this season?
Why do I still think the A's will win the division?
Why will I burst into tears when they finally get past the first round of the playoffs?
Why will I never forget the moment that we win a series in this era?
Why does it feel so good?

I may have no answers for the above, but I know one thing: The only sure cure for an A's losing streak is an A's winning streak.

Get over last week. Bring on this one.

The game tonight starts at 5 PM. It is the ESPN Sunday night game.

Good news: Everyone with a TV gets to see the game tonight!
Bad news: The A's traditionally love to come up with different ways to embarrass themselves when they're televised on a national level!
Hopeful news: That will change tonight! See you then!