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Things I learned tonight from Joe Morgan:

Gary Matthews Jr. is Texas' MVP.

The A's sure miss Rick Harden.

Nick Swisher really thought the big leagues were going to be `easy' his first year, and it showed in his numbers. This year, he's hitting much better because he knew it wasn't as easy as he thought.

May is not early in the season. Pretty much all of the season is decided by now, including playoff matchups.

Barry Bonds hit #715.

Roger Clemens is not a drama queen.

A player who is 3 for his last 48 ABs has the percentages in his favor to get a hit.

Mike Scioscia used to cheat at baseball.

Chavez has grit!

Barry Bonds is the victim of allegations.

Macha puts whoever is hot into the three slot.

A consistent lineup might benefit the A's and Swisher should be batting 3rd. (Hey...wait a minute!!!!)

Okay, but seriously? Let's talk for a second. I understand Chavvy being sore and Thomas needing the day off. But why oh why with those two resting, did Mark Ellis need the day off too? Couldn't he have taken a) the day off tomorrow or b) a day when defense behind Saarloos was not of tantamount importance? That is all.

Look. We lost tonight. Nothing to be ashamed of. If you had shown me today's lineups, and the pitching matchup, and told me Swisher would go 0 for 5, I would have told you we'd lose by quite a lot of runs. We played a good game, hung in there all the way, and if a couple of breaks had gone our way (Kotsay's almost-HR, and Melhuse's line drive), we might have had a chance to win. Crosby had two base hits today on good pitches, and both the other way. VERY encouraging signs. That's not including the surprise bunt that nearly went for a base hit. I loved seeing that. So did Joe Morgan.

Johnson, despite the two RBIs, should not be here. There. I said it. You know what sealed it for me? When I cheered for his strikeout, because it meant that he didn't ground into a DP and it allowed Frank Thomas a chance to bat.

I love Frank Thomas. I miss him now when he's not in the lineup, and to be honest, I'm REALLY missing Milton Bradley too. And Rich Harden and Justin Duchscherer. And Witasick, even thought he posts on AN pretty regularly now (Hi CA girl!).

Our pinch hitters both did well, FT with the walk, and Millhouse with the hard line-out up the middle. Saarloos was as good as you could have hoped for against the Texas lineup. Four runs in seven innings, and three of them on one big blast. I'll take it every time.

We played well on Sunday Night Baseball and kept Joe Morgan away from the A's bashing. It will come together. We'll be okay.

Here's to a new week, and a new series. Let's go Oakland!