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Kumbaya Meets Dr. Phil

The trouble with a glass at 50% capacity is that it tends to produce 100% divisiveness. Those who see the glass as half-empty are trollish pessimists while those who see the glass as half-full are blind pollyannas. Suddenly, we are a community of "red states" and "blue states," even though we all share elements of purple.

I thought it might be helpful to remind us all that the glass is half-empty and half-full right now, and that people have different ways--all worthy of respect (trolls not included, void where prohibited, results may vary, some charges may apply)--to cope with disappointment and frustration.

Those who cling to hope and cerebral analysis to get through this rough patch are not being blind, unrealistic, or pollyanna; they are using one of the more common strategies in the baseball fan toolbox.

Those who articulate their disappointment and frustration, and want to share these emotions with others who care as much as they do, are not fair-weather fans or trolls; they are using the other most common strategy in the baseball fan toolbox.

Those who find a different strategy than one of the two "classics" help to make this a diverse and unpredictable community.

And we are all correct. It is disappointing, and it is early. It is frustrating, and it is temporary. It isn't the end of the world, but it is often a bad end of the day.

To love your baseball team is to hate your baseball team. When you find yourself indifferent, that's when you should wonder if you're a fan. This too shall pass. This seven shall pass. Go A's.