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Darkness imprisoning me
All that I see
Absolute horror

- Metallica

One-run loss. Again. The A's now have 19 one-run games. The most in the American League. Think about that for a second. Nineteen out of 47. That's 40 percent of the games the A's have played. They're also 8-11 in those games.

But this one is particularly crushing. Had Halsey been taken out of the game to not face Barajas, perhaps the A's get out of that inning unscathed. Then again, it wasn't like Karsay, Calero or even Street did that much better. Maybe the end result winds up the same. Maybe if Macha pinch runs for Melhuse, the A's score a run and Street is looking to close instead of preserve a tie.

The offense did a good job of getting out in front, but in Arlington where you can pretty much come back from any deficit, you need to continue to put runs on the board. The Rangers pen shut the A's the rest of the way and the A's pen couldn't do that same. What a difference an Otsuka makes.

Being number one in the division was at stake tonight, the A's had it in their grasp early and they let it slip away. What is it about Huston Street and the Texas Rangers this year?

Halsey pitched a good game after looking like he might not make it out of the first inning. But he settled down and had Macha maybe brought Gaudin or someone else in to face Barajas after the bases were loaded, perhaps it ends differently.

Then again, it isn't like you're looking to go to the most proven pen so it isn't a sure thing.

Oh Duke, where are you? This almost feels like a bad dream...

I can't remember anything
can't tell if this is true or dream
deep down inside I feel to scream
this terrible silence stops me