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5 for 5 for 5

Hey, it's five loses in a row, preceded by five wins in a row which was preceded by five losses in a row. In other words, it's a typical May for the A's. Haren was good tonight, but that's just a tough offense to keep down for long.

The A's offense is struggling and things like Dye robbing Kotsay of a home run in the first seem to happen (along with the Crede play on Ellis later in the game). I was shocked when Dye actually dropped that ball by Swisher in the eighth. And the A's chance really was on that hanging pitch by Jenks to Kendall to end the thread in the eighth. Because Kendall so often thinks the other way, it's hard to get to a pitch inside, even a floating softball just asking to be hammered.

Regardless, it's on to Texas from here and a battle for first place. I'd feel a lot better about it if the A's had a better pen in place considering the typical Arlington affair involves the bullpens. But they'll have to make due with the hand they've been dealt. I've been thinking that Billy Beane has Greg Brady's tiki idol hanging around his neck right now. Especially after hearing about Daric Barton last night.

But whatever, it's put up or shut up time. Thankfully the AL West is the new NL West this year and the first place team is a .500 ball club. Hopefully some Texas heat will awaken the A's slumbering bats like the Seattle pitching did a few weeks ago.