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When you lose, lose everyone?

When you lose, lose big?
When you lose, lose to a great pitcher?
When you lose, take away all hope as not to crush your fans?

Not much to say after this one. Kudos to Matt Cain for pitching a one-hit shutout, which is surprising with his previous control issues.

Two head-scratchers. One, why on EARTH was Mark Kotsay up there hacking at the first pitch during the only AB of the game that actually could have started a rally? Cain's struggles this year have come with his lack of control, and he had issued two walks to the previous two batters. Patience seemed to be the name of the game there.

Second, I think everyone watching the game spotted Blanton's struggles earlier than both our manager and trainer. He was not finishing pitches, he actually seemed in pain at one point, he was getting hit hard, and Gaudin was available for long relief. Although, it's irrelevant really; we would have lost today giving up just one run.

In A's notes, the injury frustrations continue, and the interesting press releases are starting to pile up. After mixed messages on Kennedy's return, he has been placed on the DL and Santiago Casilla has taken his place. I certainly hope Joe Blanton is not injured also, but anyone who was watching the game might have an opinion on that.

Not much to cheer about for the A's today. A couple of things to look forward to: Bonds and the circus are out of town, we get to play the White Sox, and Blez has promised some exciting stuff for AN this week.

Have a good one!