All-Star Ballot without Swisher

So Nick Swisher isn't on this year's All-Star Ballott, despite the 10 Home Runs, 24 RBIs and an average of .321. This is likely due to his not having a set position. He has played 7 at 1B, and 15 in the OF, while Dan Johnson has played 17 at 1B, but Payton has also played 15 in the OF, but also opening day.

Bottom line is, Nick Swisher, to date, deserves to be an All-Star. Since the ballots are already out, we need to group together as Athletics Nation and write him in as an All-Star. I propose OF for a few reasons. One, I've already written him in 25 times. Two, there are three OF positions, and there is no way a write-in would beat David Ortiz at 1B. Third, we should at least make some noise for Swisher. I'd love to see a write-in high up in the voting. The more noise we make early, the better. So get on, and max out your votes.

Of course, Chavvy with his start deserves to win 3B also, so he has been included in all of my votes so far. We gotta get Swisher and Chavvy in the All-Star game!