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May Day

Celebrate May day, AN. It must be May because Barry Zito decided to leave April Barry behind. At least for one night.

For all the criticism Zito's received both on this site and elsewhere, the guy came up absolutely huge tonight. The A's really needed a great performance from Zito because the offense couldn't hit Hector Carrasco. The A's needed to have the Zito of old tonight to help the bullpen because while Halsey has been brilliant thus far out of the pen, who knows what to expect tomorrow when he makes the start.

Bobby Crosby came through with the one big hit and Swisher thankfully remained hot enough to score the one run. But this offense is just performing ridiculously poorly right now. Thankfully, the Angels offense has almost been as bad.

Kiko Calero deserves some huge props for getting Vlad out in the key situation in the eighth leaving Duke to close it out for the A's.

While the A's won a huge game today and Zito gave Oakland a performance they absolutely needed, remember that the A's won the first game in May last season too. And we all know what happened after that. As a matter of fact, it's the topic of my most recent column at

It's May and hopefully this start will help Zito springboard to something much better in the coming months. The A's and the Angels played another one-run game and the season series is now tied 2-2. Some things never change.