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A's Keep Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

The A's will soon be faced with a dilemma. Esteban Loaiza could be rejoining the A's rotation soon. Harden might be back around Memorial Day. And Los Kirk will suddenly be back where he started. Back in the bullpen.

There will be cries for Saarloos to stay around as a starter. Trust me, they will be there given his performance last year and his 6 2/3 performance today. Granted, the Seattle offense isn't exactly the Yankees, but still, Kirk helped the A's sweep the M's today. And he lasted beyond five innings.

As for the A's offense, it has come to life and chances are that it probably has a little to do with the fact that they were facing Seattle pitching plus the law of averages finally turning around. It's nice not to think that the team was going to score between 0-3 runs every game. Bobby Crosby is finally coming to life with two more hits. Swisher keeps being Swisher and Thomas and Chavez contributed as well. And don't look now, but Kotsay is back up around .275 again.

This is the team I expected at the beginning of the season. I want to stop and say thanks to the A's front office for putting together a team with depth. Because ultimately, this team will essentially be making a few deal for quite a few talented players over the next month or so. Harden, Bradley, Duchscherer will all soon be coming back into the fold. It'll be like Christmas in May...or early June.

Regardless, let's just hope this current cast continues to excel and be thankful that the team has unparalleled depth right now.