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No, not one of my favorite movies featuring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman or the name of my next child. The A's have officially matched their total of wins from last May already. They also closed to within a game of the first-place Texas Rangers thanks to a Posada walk-off that happened nearly simultaneously as Millhouse's grand salami.

The A's offense has awakened, at least for one night. And while the final score looks a lot more respectable for the M's than it should've been (why was the A's lone healthy set-up guys in the game at that point? Why, oh why?), this game was in the books early.

Blanton evens his record at 4-4 despite having the highest ERA of any starter outside of Loaiza. He has the most wins of anyone on the staff, further adding to the growing list of reasons that won-loss record for pitchers means little.

Offensive stars of the game include Swisher, Millhouse, Chavez (welcome back to the field, Mr. Chavez), Payton and Kendall. Yes, Jason Kendall who will soon be the target of those calling for the glue factory once Frank Thomas is healthy. But I will give Kendall credit in that he stung the ball several times tonight. Possibly better than I've seen him do so in his A's career. The ball he hit out to left field in the eighth that Ibanez tracked down was definitely the furthest I've seen Kendall get the ball in the air. Regardless, controversy could be a brewin' soon. Ironically, Bobby Kielty was supposed to start the game according to the TV broadcast crew. No reason was given why that changed but luckily it did.

The A's should savor this win tonight because it gets them back to .500 and advances their cause despite the injuries this team has right now. Hopefully we can look back and remember this night as one that helped launch this entire season in the right direction. Win number seven in May. 15 days earlier than they got it last season.

Or maybe this will be it for the rest of the month and I'll have to name my next child "Soda" instead...