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If The A's Were A Car...

I know! ...they'd be one where you have to call AAA a lot!

...I suppose they'd have to be an automatic, because the clutch has been absent. The A's are so crippled right now, they just can't afford to miss opportunities like Ellis with the bases loaded, Swisher with runners and 2nd and 3rd, or the gift bestowed by Jeter in the 9th. Oakland has now lost 3 straight games started by Halsey-Saarloos.

The parallels to last May are uncanny, both in terms of health and losses. Today's 2005 twin was a loss at Tampa Bay, when back-to-back errors opened the 9th against Danys Baez, before the A's settled for a one-run loss. A loss, which at the time seemed to put the A's in bad shape, until a couple weeks went by and we all revised our notion of "bad shape".

If the A's are at .500 at the end of May, they'll probably win the division. If. It's all about survival right now. Again. Remember: Your seat cushions can be used as a flotation device.