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See Saw

Ladies and gents, get on board because I'm about to tell you a story, a story of the see saw game under the maple leaf flag.

Cupcakes was hammered
ANers stammered
Down 6-0 in the first
The offense suddenly burst.
Thomas, Kotsay and Melhuse
were guys who lit a fuse
6-0 suddenly became a lead
And offense wasn't the need.

7-6 quickly became 8-7
As Cupcakes' arm deadened
Macha failed to move
the A's destined to lose
Roney made a nice debut
Cupcakes had Tampa Deja vu.

Maybe if Chavy hadn't had fish
The A's would've put up 10 at the dish
But Ryan successfully shut the door
while striking out three more
And the see saw was officially adieu
As is this poem luckily for all of you.

Sorry, folks. It's been a long night for me and this was a tough loss after the A's gave me hope. Amateur hour at the Beatnik Pub is officially over. I'm going to officially retire now and leave this kind of stuff to monkeyball and company.

The good news is that the offense is slowly awakening and Swisher had a good night after scaring me with some bad at-bats last night. Crosby still had a couple of the worst at-bats...simply because he battled to get the count to 3-2 and then waved at a weak pitch way outside.

At least the pen is rested for Saarloos' early start tomorrow morning. 9:35 a.m., people. Set those alarms.