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Minor League Splits

If you're like me, you often wonder how come certain stats aren't available for the young guys coming up in the system. Why don't we know how Daric Barton hits against left-handed pitching? What about Dan Meyer's splits?

Thanks to SB Nation's Jeffrey Sackmann, who runs our Milwaukee Brewers' BrewCrewBall site, we no longer have to worry about such things. He's taken it upon himself to create splits for the minor league players. It's been a remarkable undertaking, but you can find the glossary to all the players in the A's minor league system here.

So you can find out that Daric Barton is actually hitting better against lefties than righties (.522 BA/.607 OBP vs. L, .225 BA/.356 OBP vs. R). Or, interestingly enough, Dan Meyer has a .297 BAA and is getting eaten up by lefties at a .333 BAA. You can also find out that Kevin Melillo has struggled mightily against left-handed pitching so far this year, hitting .154 against lefties and .359 against righties.

I had a lot of fun spending some time with it, and I think this could be a very useful tool to those of us who like to go inside the standard numbers posted on minor league sites.

Thanks to you, Jeff.