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Great Arms Summit 2006: Loaiza to the DL

The first news to come out of the Great Arms Summit 2006 between Macha, Beane and Forst is an expected one.

There will be conspiracy theories abounding about this "injury", but I've been convinced that the only time Loaiza has been healthy this season was the game he pitched against Canada in the WBC.

Every other game I've seen him pitch, his velocity has been mediocre, his trademark control has been repeatedly violated and his confidence was nonexistent. This was not the pitcher the A's signed. The only other time in recent years that Loaiza has been this bad was his short stint in New York.

Now comes decision time. It's apparent that this was an easy decision given Loaiza's batting practice pitches. The tougher one is still who is to take those starts.

Billy Beane loaded up on pitching depth for good reason. Let's hope that depth can get us through 40 percent of the rotation being inactive.