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Et Tu, Huddy?

Barry Zito isn't the only member of the Big 3 who is finding the number seven to be less than lucky.

In his first start of 2006, Tim Hudson was staked to a seven-run lead (8-1) after 4 innings but could not retire a hitter in the 5th before being yanked. Today, the Giants scored 7 runs before Huddy got the second out of the 2nd inning. Sound familiar? His fastball velocity, incidentally, has been 91-92 on the cutter and 93-95 on the two-seamer, so it's not a Loaiza "where's the velocity?" thing.

Feel free to use this thread to talk about why you think Huddy has struggled so much his first two starts, and how you see his career going in 2006-2008. Will he be an "ace"? Will he outpitch Zito? Will he outpitch Dan Haren? Joe Blanton? Dan Meyer?