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Eric Chavez...The New Swami

Move aside, Chris Berman. I'm taking Eric Chavez as my new soothsayer, prognosticator and all-around Nostradamus.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, listen to this interview with Eric Chavez. At spring training a few weeks ago, I asked him a question about who he'd want up at bat, bottom of the ninth with a chance to win the game.

Guess who he said? It rhymes with Darko.

Seriously though, I'm statistically minded and I'm still on the fence about the whole clutch hitter thing. If anyone can eventually convince me that there is such a thing as a clutch hitter, Marco seems to be that guy. And to think, had Cano not spiked Crosby, then maybe that game is in a rain delay right now or still going. Guess we'll never know.

This was the kind of game I expected last night because the A's are on the Yankees level. But Harden pitched out of some jams using that remarkable fastball. To me, the key was Justin Duchscherer shutting down the Yankees burgeoning threat in the sixth. Duke and Kennedy did their jobs exceptionally. Street pitched his way through a harrowing ninth.

Not to mention, Eric Chavez had a huge home run to bring the A's even in the game, otherwise they might have been facing Rivera in the ninth instead of Proctor.

Regardless, I'm not sure it could've been a more dramatic way to get the first win in 2006. Street gets the first win of the year.

Celebrate, AN. And listen to Eric Chavez when he talks...the guy knows something.