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Playoff Predictions/SB Nation Baseball is Complete

I've posted my NL predictions, AL predictions (minus the West) and the AL West predictions. Now, since I haven't posted about this anywhere else, here are my playoff predictions for 2006.

I have the Dodgers winning the West, Astros in the Central and Braves in the East with the Cardinals being the NL Wild Card. I think the Cardinals are looking like the team to go to the World Series with Roger Clemens looking less likely he might be coming back. The Astros could be there if Clemens does come back. But I'll say the Cards.

Their AL opponent? I have Boston winning the East, Indians in the Central, A's in the West with the White Sox the Wild Card. I think the Red Sox have enough to get back to the World Series. I think the A's will wind up facing the Red Sox in the ALCS with the Red Sox winning out and then losing to the Cardinals in the Fall Classic. With a healthy Rolen in the mix added to Pujols, Edmonds, Carpenter, Mulder and Isringhausen, I think this will be the Cards year.

I want you to offer your playoff predictions in this thread.

On another note, at long last, SB Nation has a blog for every single baseball team with the addition of And no, just in case you suspected that I was purposely trying to avoid the Dodgers to extract vengeance for their mistreatment of Paul DePodesta, I can tell you that isn't the case. I still think Frank McCourt is one of the biggest cowards in the game, listening to public pressure in making his decisions, but it was just a lack of being able to find a good blogger. Michael Nicks is going to be excellent (be patient Dodger fans, he's traveling right now).

Now, onto other sports. Football will be a challenge because the gridiron blogosphere is still in its infancy. But I'll be working away. If you know of any great ones, by all means, please do share.