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Helloooooooooooo Offense!

Wow, games are more fun with runs! Someone should carve that into the bats. You know what else is fun? Do you?!

AN DAY III!!! That's fun!!! In fact, I can give you ten reasons why (if you need more than the TEAM that you are constantly on this site FOLLOWING!):

  1. The petting zoo
  2. The super-secret, super-special exclusively-for-AN guest will be Keith Hernandez, who will instruct us on the proper way to wash dishes.
  3. First 100 people get to play catch with Stomper
  4. Last 2 people get to play catch with Stomper (notice: strength test required)
  5. See baseballgirl <censored> <censored> (you'll just have to come, won't you?)
  6. Joe Mogan will be reading selected passages from Moneyball. He'll be reading as Cindi.
  7. All fans in attendance will be given the chance to tour the A's haunted house, where there will be horrifying things on display: Jeremy Giambi's jersey, the actual home plate from The Tag of 2001, the Larry Davis wing, bowls filled with peeled grapes that feel like eyeballs....
  8. Nick Swisher will instruct all users on the proper technique of the Swisher/Bradley homerun dance.
  9. The A's are holding auditions for a fourth and fifth starter. I've signed up everyone who is attending.
  10. Because the event is not in Fremont, or San Jose, or Las Vegas, or Jennifer's basement...
OH JUST COME! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!! There is still room. Sign up! Sign up!

(special thanks to Satchmo22 for the top 10 list help!)

Have a great week! Go A's!