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Houdini, Thy Name is Saarloos

I will start with a bold statement. I would rather have my pitcher walk someone with a 3-0 count with a three-run lead than groove a pitch for a grand slam. Saarloos walked in the run, then ended the game with a wicked strikeout and a ground ball. But good GRIEF, is nothing easy?

Yet...let's step out of our misery for a moment, shall we?

After one of the worst days in the 'Nation in a very long time, I went home, and settled in to watch tonight's game. Around the fifth inning, something gradually occurred to me. That something was the simple fact that if we offered to trade our team--injury-ridden and all--to the Royals for their team, that trade would be made so fast, the ink wouldn't have had time to dry on the paperwork. Royals fans would kill to have our problems.

Let's face it. Harden's injury is probably the singularly worst thing that could happen to the A's short of Bobby Crosby crashing his car into a full clubhouse. We all know that. No one is okay with it, but I don't sense a lot of surprise from the collective here. The season is going to go on, and if we score enough runs, it won't matter who is pitching in April, May, and June. If Harden can only pitch half of a season, I'll take the half that includes July, August, and September every single time.

We can't look at `what if'; we can only look at `what is'. And the simple reality of it right now is that while we appear to be snake-bit, the Royals have a giant python eating them.

Here's all I know:

-Today, MaEl was Albert Pujols!

-Haren did not have a big inning and collected the `W'. All of us can live with the solos, even the high percentage that Haren has given up. He did exactly what we needed from him today, and he did his best to save the bullpen.

-Kiko Calero looked like he was pitching in the shower. I'm surprised the game was allowed to continue in that rain, 9th inning nonwithstanding

-A couple of people in A's uniforms hit and stuff!

-We have won 2 in a row! <and how many ANers have died of back-to-back heart attacks on this small streak?>

-We get to play more baseball tomorrow! <queasy feeling>

-We will be playing the Royals! <That's good?>

-We have each other! AN is here for YOU! <That's good.>

love, hugs, kisses, good weekend wishes, meds