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Open Thread: Game 23 - A's at Kansas City

Before we get started, I have a few things to take care of:

-looks outside, forgetting for a second that I don't live in KC, scurries back to computer, types in, uses magical superpowers to determine there might possibly be a game

-puts the entirety of AN on suicide watch. Counselors will be knocking on all of your doors shortly

-jots a quick memo to the people in charge of the GameDay photos, letting them know that 4/20 has passed for the year and they should probably think about updating Haren's picture...what's that? That's not a special picture taken for subliminal advertising purposes? Oh, my bad.

Sorry, where were we?

The A's take on Kansas City, and I'd better not hear anything from anyone on how easy this series is going to be. Even though it appears that the only thing the Royals can win at is a game of Scrabble using players' last names, the A's love frustrating us in these types of games, and while it would be nice to string together some wins, we really need to take it a game at a time. According to our very own Mychael Urban, who has been MIA lately (I personally thought he may have been kidnapped and held in someone's basement.), Haren's 'bugaboo' (love that word!) this year has been the big inning.

So...let's work on that, Danny, mmmkay? It's the Royals. They hit like we do, which is to say, not well, and not often. However, our offense seems poised to break-out in one of these series', and maybe if we all think, "June June June June", it will start tonight. And about the only thing that will make us forget the * other * news is a whole bouquet of 'W's.



ARGH! THE SPELLING! THE SPELLING! Today sucks. <throws lineup card>

Costa (1 point)
Grudzielanek (79 points)
Sweeney (4 points)
Sanders (2 points)
Mientkiewicz (79 points)
Brown (1 point)
Teahen (6 points)
Berroa (2 points)
Buck (1 point)