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Warm and Fuzzy

I'm not talking about last night's game, even though that should make ANers feel warm and fuzzy.

Sports4Kids has been the beneficiary of AN's generosity this year and they recently sent me more thank you notes and photos for AN to see. I figure it's only right that AN get a chance to see these notes.

A group of kids from Sports4Kids at the A's/Giants exhibition game.

The note reads "Dear Athletics Nation, Thank you for sending us to the A's game. We had a great time! We were so lucky, it was a beautiful day and the A's beat the Giants! We all had a great time together. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch the A's play! Love, Dolores Huerta, Learning Academy. Coach Nicki, Yesica, Leticia, Jacqueline, Armando (one of the names is illegible).

The note reads "Dear Athletics Nation, Thank you for the tickets. I had fun and the A's won 13-1 and my favorite player is Erick Chavez. The A's played will and the home run that Eric Chavez did was tight. Love, Armando.

So, with a few hours to go until first pitch in Arlington tonight, remember that this is what baseball is all about. Kids learning to love the game that we all learned to love. You should feel proud, AN.