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Caution: Slow Start Ahead

Ladies and gentlemen of AN, we have a slow start once again. The offense is sputtering (minus Chavez, Swisher and to a lesser extent, Bradley), the bullpen has had a couple of meltdowns and the starting pitching has been inconsistent and far less than advertised.

But shouldn't we all expect it by now? It's the A's way now, isn't it?

This exact topic is the focus of my most recent column for FSN Bay Area.

I'm not sure you can officially title it a slow start just yet, but it is certainly headed in that direction. And with the Street and Crosby injuries, things aren't getting better.

By the way, I'm going to plug AN Day 3 again. All the details on how to get your tickets are here in case you missed it last week. There are 225 tickets available and the deadline for buying tickets is a week from Wednesday. So get yours now.