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Now Accepting Payments: AN Day 3.0

OK, ladies and gentlemen, the payment option for AN Day 3.0 is now open. Baseballgirl has been kind enough to offer her services in helping me organize this event this year, so she is accepting payments via her paypal account. The email to send $31 per ticket is

Here's the thing. Because there are only 225 tickets available for the July 30th game against the Toronto Blue Jays, we're going to limit the tickets to two tickets per username (so that would be username plus one guest). Families will be an exception to this rule, so people like giambizombie and Apricot who have kids are welcome to buy more than two tickets. Just note when you send in your money that the tickets are for your children.

Tickets are now officially on sale, so paypal the money along with the address where you want the tickets shipped to

The deadline for submitting your payment is two weeks from today, May 3 at noon. But I imagine we might sell out before that time, so it might be wise to get payment in as soon as possible.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting some new folks and renewing old friendships at AN Day 2006.