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Open Thread: Game 12 - A's vs. Rangers

Rich Harden isn't quite good enough to turn the weather around, but he may be just what the doctor ordered in righting the ship. The last time the A's got a good starting pitching effort is the last time the A's won, and Harden was on the mound. Vicente Padilla gets the call for Texas; Padilla pitched the Rangers to each of their first two wins this season and has been a savior in their rotation thus far.

Quackers (my purple duck umbrella), andeux, and I are off to the Coliseum, so I have opened up a "middle relief thread". Even if we don't hit 300 comments on this thread, please remember that the "middle relief thread" really needs work.

Blez, louismg, or baseballgirl, please feel free to add the starting lineups to this post if you're around after they are made available. GO A'S!!!