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A's Newsfeed Added/Other Site Upgrades

At long last, AN has added an A's newsfeed from news outlets around the Internet. So if there is some breaking news, you should be able to see it on AN pretty instanteously. You'll see it on the left-hand side of the site underneath the sponsors (which hopefully you're supporting regularly for supporting AN).

We're also in the process of trying to figure out a way to make the daily link dump a stand-alone feature much like the diaries. The goal would be to set them up so that only one can be submitted a day and it would probably be a section right between the recommended diaries and the diaries. I think the DLD's are essential to a good blog so I want to give them a prominent and permanent placement.

And finally, for those that missed my diary yesterday, the new "One Nation Under Billy" tees are now on sale in the AN Official Store. These shirts seem forever in the making, but I think they're worth the wait. Check them out when you get a moment. Also, don't forget to vote what date you want for AN Day 3.