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AN Day 3: Revenge of the Pithy (Writers)

Those of you who are newer to AN may or may not be aware that Athletics Nation has a yearly gathering at our mecca known as the Coliseum. People come from far and wide to gather and enjoy our team in person.

I wanted to put up an initial post because last year we had a great event and it's already time to start thinking about 2006. Mychael Urban, Susan Slusser and Ken Korach were kind enough to offer their time as featured speakers as we rented out the BBQ Plaza. In 2004, we had 30 attendees and saw the A's lose to Zach Greinke and the Royals when Ricardo Rincon and the A's bullpen melted down. Last year, the A's beat the Twinkies 5-2 with Jay Payton hitting a bomb that nearly made it up to our high perch. We had 130 people at the game last year.

This season, there are a variety of different dates to choose from, but I want to go with the majority. Of course, I'll have to check in with the A's once we pick out a date to make sure the BBQ Plaza is available for that date, but I want to get our priorities set.

Here are the games:

July 30th vs. the Toronto Blue Jays (Dan Haren Bobblehead Day)

August 12th vs. the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Winestopper)

September 2nd vs. the Baltimore Orioles (Miggy returns and an A's handbag)

September 23rd vs. the Angels (One of the last games against the Angels and an A's cap)

I put a poll in below for you to vote on which day is the best for you. The top two will be the ones I call the A's about. I'm looking forward to seeing you again and hopefully making AN's record 2-1.

Click on entry link to vote.