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My Superstitious Mind Revisited

Yes, I've got issues. Most of you know how superstitious I am when it comes to the A's thanks to some earlier discussions. I am most definitely Monkian. But I've got a new bag of different numbers that I do to try and placate fate. If I make offerings to the Baseball Gods in a small way, then the A's will most assuredly win and win big.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, the truth is that I use A's player's numbers as lucky numbers. I try and work their uniform numbers into my everyday life to try and appease any bad fortune that may hurt the team. Is it crazy? Yeah, thinking that whatever I do can have any impact on the team whatsoever is probably a ticket to Shady Acres. But I do it any way.

In the past, it was imperative for me to stay on the treadmill for 75 minutes the day of Barry Zito's starts. Here's the thing...I didn't do the treadmill on opening night. But I did do it before Zito's next start in Seattle for 75 minutes. I also did 55 minutes prior to Blanton's start. The Baseball God's smiled upon them.

I still do the digital volume setting on the TV and car stereo. I must stop on 14 for a good game from Mark Ellis, especially when listening to the A's games in the car. I stop at 22 if Milton Bradley needs some help getting out of a hitting funk. And the number seven is a good setting when Bobby Crosby needs some assistance.

I also have a regular setting for my daughter's milk. Yep, I put it in the microwave for 35 seconds each and every time. That hasn't worked that well for the Big Hurt so far, although that bases clearing double against the Yankees did come when I had the milk in the microwave.

I've been thinking I'm going to need to do something involving 29 to get DJ going. Of course, all offseason I did things involving 11 because I thought that was DJ's number. That'll teach him to switch his number and not let me know.

So on this early season offday (darn players needing rest), share some of your silly superstitions involving the green and gold. And don't worry, no one will be judging you.

Wait, hold on...there's some men with white coats knocking on my door, I'll be right back.