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A Perry Influence?

Are you familiar with Carlos Delgado's swing? It's a beautiful one that accentuates being short and quick through the strike zone, with little follow through after the point of contact. When Delgado swings, he looks like he is hitting a golf ball out of a sand trip.

I thought I saw some "Delgadoesque" swings today, once from Chavez (resulting in a double to CF) and twice from Swisher (one resulting in a homerun, the other in a double). Has it just been too long and I've forgotten their swings from last year? Or could this be one of the mechanical adjustments suggested or taught by new hitting coach Gerald Perry?

I don't know, but I have liked the A's approach at the plate, both philosophically and mechanically, in the four games I've been able to see (two in Phoenix and two this weekend).

Oh, hey, anyone in my fantasy league looking for a closer? I'll give you a good deal on Armando Benitez. Spring training doesn't mean anything, so don't be put off by his WHIP of 4.20, ok? Right.