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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 8

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The A's and Barry Zito look to win their second game of the spring today against Ben Sheets and the Brewers.

Ken Macha summed up the team's 1-6 record so far this spring on

Oakland A's manager Ken Macha was trying to put Spring Training games into perspective while watching his team lose for the sixth time in seven games.

"Records are sometimes an indicator of a couple of things, but I'm not sure it's the case here," he said. "[Huston] Street, [Justin] Duchscherer, [Kiko] Calero -- the main guys in the bullpen haven't pitched yet. [Estaban] Loaiza and [Rich] Hardin haven't pitched. That's just Spring Training.

"That being said, I'm getting a little tired of this losing, too," Macha said. "No one likes that feeling when you get done [losing] a game. No one likes to get their butts whipped."

The point is, and this is beginning to sound like a broken record is that everyone get healthy for April 3.

Oh and for those of you who are interested in seeing Esteban Loaiza pitch, you can do so when those pesky Canadians take on the Mexicans tonight.