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Blame Canada!

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Everyone: Blame Canada
Blame Canada
Sheila: With all their hockey hullabaloo
Liane: And that bitch Anne Murray too
Everyone: Blame Canada
Shame on Canada
The smut we must stop
The trash we must bash
The Laughter and fun
Must all be undone
Before someone thinks of blaming uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!!!!

Yes, the A's lost another spring training game today, but the real news of the day comes from our lovable, hockey-watching neighbors to the north.

The United States of America...the land of baseball. The place where it's nearly manadatory to place little league and its team of steroid-free stars took on Adam Stern, Stubby Clapp and the Canadian guys minus Rich Harden and Eric Gagne and lost.

Maybe a nice upset in the early rounds is a good thing to scare against overconfidence, but when the only pitchers who can pitch scoreless baseball against Canada are Street, Shields and Fuentes, the Americans could be in real trouble against teams like Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.

This tournament is more fascinating than I anticipated in the sense that the one game format to determine a team's fate is very interesting. It's not something we're used to in being MLB fans. Everything, except for spring training, is in a series. So it has a greater sense of urgency than any series in the MLB regular season or even the playoffs.

Either way, I think I'm getting around to blaming the US.