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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 7/WBC Games

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We're almost at a week's worth of spring training games now and all is well with the A's, despite the 1-5 record. Danny Haren is learning a changeup to help complete his repetoire. Eric Chavez has played third without his arm flying off. Frank Thomas finally took batting practice without any pain and is progressing nicely. Mark Ellis has continued his torrid hitting from last season. Some guy named Scott McClain has a 1.250 OPS. And Zito, Haren and Blanton have ERAs that are resembling lotto numbers.

Yep, that sounds about right for spring. Don't pay attention to the results when Haren is doing something like throwing a pitch he doesn't normally bust out in a regular season game.

I also just saw the weather prediction for this weekend in Arizona and it appears like Phoenix is going to get some rain for the first time since the Mesozoic Era. I swear this stuff is following me.

As for the game today, Smokin' Joe does indeed take on Edison Volquez and the Texas Rangers in Surprise.

The United States and Rick DiPietro take on Martin Brodeur and Canada...oh wait, that's Dontrelle Willis and the US take on Adam Loewen and Team Canada in the World Baseball Classic today. I wonder if Canada will have Stubby Clapp in the lineup today. I can't help but find neverending amusement out of that name. It's the Beavis and Butthead that lurks inside.

"Mom. Dad. I can't go out and face the world. I've caught Stubby Clapp."