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All Quiet on the Injury Front

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The A's lost 12-3 in a long, uninspiring spring training contest with the Cubs today.

That leaves the team at 1-4 for the spring. Yawn.

The real A's news of the day comes from other places not involving the game. Rich Harden made his first appearance in a simulated game and reportedly (according to Josh Suchon on the webcast) threw all his pitches but his splitter.

Frank Thomas also took batting practice for the first time this spring. So, outside of Bobby Crosby's shoulder, the team seems to be moving in a positive direction on all health fronts. And that's the biggest goal for the A's this spring than anything else. Get out of Arizona with everyone healthy.

I want to leave this thread open to ask folks to chip in with any questions that you might want me to ask members of the A's pen. I basically have two days to do interviews, so who knows how many players I'll be able to get some time with, but as I mentioned before, I've got to be prepared for whatever comes my way. And since I consider AN a participatory blog much more than any other sports blog on the net, I want you to suggest questions. So fire away for Duchscherer, Witasick, Saarloos, Kennedy and Flores. Unfortunately, Street and Calero will be off representing their country so I won't be able to check in with Huston and Kiko.