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0-3, But Who's Counting?

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Let's assume the A's aren't going to win a game in the Cactus League. Here's the anticipated progression...

0-2: Indifference
"<shrug> They're just getting their work in, who cares?"

0-4: The first acknowledgment of restlessness, but with a qualifying emoticon"
"<snicker> Doesn't matter. Wouldn't hurt to get that first win on the board, though. :-} "

0-8: Frantic fact-finding
"Stop panicking everyone, geez! Look at the 1948 Edmonton Oilers--they lost all their exhibition games and won the Stanley Cup, for crying out loud."

0-12: Official petulance
firegerennow "Everyone just stop talking about it, ok?"
Miltonisdabomb "Who made you boss? Don't tell people whether or not to talk about it."
firegerennow "Oh yeah, I was stifling your precious free speech, not expressing an opinion myself, brainiac."
Donkeyball "She's a brainiac, brainiac..."
kieltysfro"Oh for Christ's sake, could you lay off the stupid attempts at humor for just one go*d*mn post?"
machspeed"Excuse me, I'm not religious, but would you please not use expressions that others might find offensive to their religion of choice?"
hardysboy"If you're not religious then why don't you just shut up and let religious people decide if it's a problem?"
elvira "Hey, fellas, I think we're all just a bit crabby because the A's are losing."
8 consecutive replies "F*** you!"

0-20: Rage