Best AN quotes of March...

And now, back by popular demand, returning for 2006....baseballgirl and AN productions proudly presents:

A Much Abbreviated Best Quotes for March


Watching Harold Reynolds trying to describe how to field a baseball is like watching Barney trying to confront local gang problems.


A's Road Signs:

Huston - 'Street Closure'
Chavez - 'Soft Shoulder'
Swisher - 'Dip'
Crosby - 'Yield'
Blanton - 'Gas, Food, Lodging'
Zito - 'Coastal Route'
Kotsay - 'Rest Area Next Exit'
Thomas - 'Loop Detour'
Macha - 'Turn Headlights on in Tunnel'
Wash - 'Passing Lane Ahead'
Kendall - 'Loose Gravel'
Ellis - 'Low Bridge'
Bradley - 'Minimum $1,000 Fine for Littering'
Saarlos - 'Emergency Call Box'
Kielty - 'No Left Turn'
Payton - 'Alternate Route'
Harden - 'Speed Limit 100'
Loaiza - 'No prenda fuego en el pavimiento'
Melhuse - 'Do Not Enter'


... I am responsible for each Harden loss because those were the times I forgot to address his bobblehead before gametime...  "Are you gonna own that other team today?"...  {{{nodnodnodnodnod}}}


Randy Winn is a dick.
By that, I mean he hit a ground rule double.


Well... looking at the box score, it does not appear that Zito was able to "reestablish his fastball command on the inside half of the plate against right-handed hitters" or really do anything at all.  


A's visit the Phone Booth (or whatever it's called this month) Friday evening, game time is 7:15-ish. BYOB (Bring Your Own Brie)

In response to andeux's: "Jeremy Brown pops it to the pitcher, Matt Thayer, who drops it. Rouse up with Brown on first."

Thayer dropped it, kicked it, chased it into short left field, recovered, bobbled it, picked it up and fired it to the SS who relayed it to first, but Brown just beat the throw.

In response to Kyli's: "Ouch. Oh, Adam. :-( Sweet little Adam tries to be Not-Kendall and catch someone stealing, chucks it into center. Poor Adam. He's gotta be able to do SOMETHING Kendall can't."

He can, he can...
Melhouse can actually throw the ball into the outfield.

The next few quotes refer to our somewhat verbally-challenged play-by-play man, otherwise known as "Buan-casting" (tm Someone Funny)


the fans are chanting "booo-an"

Dear Mr. Buan,
I love Extra Innings, but I've never heard an announcer suck the life out of a triple like that.

In response to Oaktownmagical07's: "Did he just say Miguel Batista was playing for us? He did say it was a shorter inning for Batista. Silly Buan.

I thought we'd traded Bynum for Batista, and there was that critical, infinitesimally small moment when they both played for both teams (and oddly, at that same moment, neither played for either team), and Buan, in a stroke of genius, caught that magical moment.


End of some inning, score is A's not enough D'backs too many.
I am Robert Buan reporting