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Our real lineup wins an almost-real game

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The Oakland A's roll call today after their 3-1 victory:

Pitching - Here!

Offense - I'M HERE! Well, sort of. I mean, I'm here in the form of solo homeruns, but homeruns are new different, and good, right?!

Our Big Hurt - HERE! I'm sorry; didn't you notice the homerun I blasted out of the park in my second at bat of my first Spring Training game? Oh, just checking.

Danny Haren - Here! I can pitch. I wasn't a fluke.

Swisher - <jumping up and down> Here! Notice me! I'm a power hitter too! Maybe if I hit homeruns, no one will make me only bat from one side.

Eric Chavez - Here! I PROMISE guys...I DO have five Gold Gloves. See? Defense!

Kennedy <small voice> - Here! I didn't suck.

Street - <yawns> Here. You know? Being the reigning ROY is SO last year. This year, I'm trying for the Cy.

Saarloos - Here! You don't want me to start? Fine. I'll be the best bullpen guy you've seen. Ever. Step aside, Duchschererer.

We saw a glimpse of next week's starting lineup today. I can't help it. Seeing "Frank Thomas" in the starting lineup gives me a feeling that I haven't had in a long time. Our pitching is great, our bullpen is deep, but we finally have the one thing that we have been so sorely missing: The Big Bat. Stay healthy guys. Buckle up. It's going to be an awesome ride.