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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 21

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The A's and Esteban Loaiza take on the Diamondbacks and Miguel Batista. Loaiza makes his first start for the Athletics after pitching for Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

Don't look now, but those of you who were worried that the A's started out the spring horribly, they are now 9-11. It doesn't mean anything really, but maybe it will at least put your minds at ease.

Speaking of minds at ease, anyone want to give Ken Macha a stick so he can poke Milton Bradley with it on occasion? Or maybe Macha could just wear a Jeff Kent mask around in the dugout?

"Nobody can motivate me," Bradley said. "I'm self-motivated. I create scenarios in my head. That's the way it is. That's what drives me. I tried to be too nice early, and I'm not as good a player. I have to get rowdy and take it out on the baseball. I'm not an ordinary cat."

Nor do the A's want him to be ordinary. They traded for him to provide some power from both sides of the plate and to give the lineup some balance. He's slated to bat fifth, but he can bat third through sixth.

If he says he plays better angry, A's manager Ken Macha said he'll "ask him what I can do to get him mad."

For the record, Bradley has a .250 batting average, .333 OBP and .444 slugging so far this spring.

Stay tuned after the game as I will be running the Oakland A's portion of our SB Nation AL West bloggers chat.