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The Attack of Gaudin: A's lose 8-7

Chad Gaudin has a remote, albeit pretty remote, chance of making the A's bullpen coming out of spring training and he performed admirably in his first appearance in an A's uniform today. He pitched two innings, gave up two walks and struck out three.

While you can't usually deduce much from spring training results, other than the fact that Pennington and Barton earned some extra moments with Ron Washington tomorrow morning, Gaudin pitched well in his first appearance. The A's actually got a great pitching performance from every pitcher that went out there except for, surprise, Jay Witasick and starter Danny Haren. Haren was smacked around a bit, but there isn't much to deduce out of the opening spring training game. As a matter of fact, spring training results mean less than Paula Abdul's comments on American Idol or the winner of America's Next Top Model. It doesn't usually mean much except to players like Ron Flores and Gaudin, who could possibly be the only players on the bubble (along with John Rheinecker).

Oh, and Ronnie Mac came close to a cycle.

Question: If Gaudin faces Hideki Matsui, is that Gaudin vs. Godzilla?

I suppose so, at least judging from the way Buan was pronouncing Gaudin's name.

It's nice to see Barton and Herrera in A's spring training unis. It feels like we've been waiting forever to get a good look at these guys...although Herrera feels like he's been with the organization forever.