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Spring Training Prep: The Rotation

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The A's should have one of the best rotations, if not the best, in the American League this year. I'm hoping to get the opportunity to sit down and interview them when I head down to spring training.

So I want to know what you'd like to know from Zito, Harden, Loaiza, Haren and Blanton.

I'm not sure which of the players I'll be able to interview, but I need to be prepared and want to know what AN wants to know.

By the way, the first open game thread comes today with the first spring training game against the Cubs.

Also, I was talking with Michele Duchscherer the other day about the upcoming MS Battle of the Bay. In case you missed it, DJ, Duke and Charles Thomas held a chat talking smack a little while ago. They were bringing the event to your attention. But something that Mrs. Duke reminded me of is that since so many players will be at this event, you will be able to get autographs relatively easily. They will do it in exchange for a ticket purchase and, well, you'd be helping a great cause. So bring your bats, balls and anything else you want signed to the event and help support research to defeat MS.

Thanks, AN.