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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 13

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I'm no longer in Phoenix because I had to come home early to take care of my daughter, who is sick (daycare is hell on infants, but supposedly it helps them build up immunities - I'll just hold out hope for THAT day). Unfortunately, I have to travel again tomorrow, so I'll be putting up a couple more audio interviews after this game for your enjoyment and then Nico takes over for the next few days. Thanks to Nico for that and the good company in Phoenix. I also enjoyed hanging out with LongTimeFan, louismg, baseballgirl and gojohn10. Oh, and apparently I ran into OaktownPower's ex-girlfriend at the video game challenge. Not sure if she's registered at the site.

In the meantime, the A's take on the World Champs today with Smokin' Joe Blanton taking the mound (he looks like he lost at least 10 pounds this offseason) against Charles Haeger. The A's official site has Ray Liotta listed as the starter for the White Sox. No word on whether he thinks Joe Blanton is a funny guy. If the A's can get Michael Madsen together with Ray Liotta from the Sox, they have the makings for Reservoir Dogs 2: Electric Bugaloo or Goodfellas 2: Henry Strikes Back.

Also, if you have a free moment today, I wanted to call attention to my audio interview with Justin Duchscherer. He is a remarkably cerebral interview and just a fun guy to talk to.

Here is the first part of the AN interview with Justin Duchscherer.

Because we were interrupted by someone wanting to take our food order, the interview got split into two parts. Here is the second part of that interview.

Take the time to listen to it, it's only about 10-11 minutes or so total and he works in a plug for Serta mattresses, talks about how the guys who get hits off you become memorable and let's people know how to help the MS cause.

After the game ends, I'll be putting up my other two interviews with the left side of the A's infield.