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Open Thread - Spring Training Game 11

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First of all, shout out to gojohn10 for taking an incriminating photo of me and Ken Macha last night. Wow, that could have sounded better. When I say `incriminating' I refer only to the fact that such a photo exists at all.

Let me back up. After a perfectly miserable day of rain, where I missed the only Spring Training game I was going to attend, I was feeling pretty low. Then I remembered one of the lively interruptions in the otherwise monotonous Spring Training radio broadcasts - a little tidbit involving the Duchscherers' video game challenge after Saturday's game. Since there was no game at the stadium, no players outside except for Rich Harden and Dan Meyer, playing catch in the 42 degree sleet, which prompted me to think, "Boys! Muscle injuries! Get inside NOW!", I decided to first tour Chase Field (formerly Bank One Ballpark) and then head over to the event.

The first people I saw were Justin and Michele Duchscherer; the former seemed surprised when I could spell his last name. We had to write it on the back of his jersey. That was a nice treat, but the night got exponentially better when Chavez, Haren, Blanton, Ellis, Swisher, DJ, Charles Thomas, Kielty, and Crosby showed up. In addition to our boys, I recognized A's fans from AN, from the stadium, and various other events. Small world, I guess. Basically the whole night reinforced my love for our team, the fans, old friends and new.

I wouldn't be lying if I said that 2006 could NOT come fast enough for me. It's going to be a great year. Now if the rain can stop in Phoenix and we can get back to our regularly scheduled Spring Training games...

Up today...split squad action against the LAAAA <insert own joke here> and COL.

Hope everyone is recovered from last night's video game challenge!