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Photo Recap: Angels-A's 3/12

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Yes, there was baseball in the desert today. The A's lost to the Angels 5-4 due in large part to Mac Suzuki giving up the lead in the top of the eighth. Chavez hit a shot off Jeff Weaver that might still be traveling had a billboard not knocked it down and John "I'm an A, No I'm Not, Yes I am" Baker also took Weaver downtown.

Nico and I enjoyed quite the seats, taking all of the following photos from the comfort of our collective butts.

Chavy gets congrats from Gerald Perry and Bob Geren after launching a rocket off Jeff Weaver.

Danny Haren was better today. He's still not in midseason form, but who needs him to be?

John Baker, home run maker, touches em all.

Jason Kendall just missed hitting a home run of his own off Weaver. The crowd fell silent when it appeared Kendall had done the unthinkable. But it wasn't meant to be, the ball missed the left field foul pole by about three feet.

Daric Barton showed the trademark patience at the plate with an outstanding at bat against Esteban Yan. He wound up at first on a walk after fouling off several tough pitches.

Danny Haren concludes his day pitching well against the Angels "a-team". Chavez follows him into the dugout.

Oh, and the biggest news of the day, I spotted Cindi in the flesh. She was seated right along the dugout with the finely pedicured toes.

The ever-elusive Cindi escaped revealing her face to me by intently watching the "action" on the field.