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The Duke Shall Inherit the Earth

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As many of you already know, I arrived in Phoenix early today to a deluge of water, wind and cold weather.

So, after searching endlessly to find LongTimeFan's hotel with Nico, we went to the MS Battle of the Bay. There I had a chance to sit down and talk with Justin Duchscherer and I recorded the interview, came back to the hotel and played around with the audio until I think I got it to work.

Here is the first part of the AN interview with Justin Duchscherer. Because we were interrupted by someone wanting to take our food order, the interview got split into two parts. Here is the second part of that interview.

Also, here are some photos to enjoy from the event this evening.

baseballgirl cozies up to Eric Chavez before the competition commences.

Bobby Kielty works the crowd like only Ronnie Mac can.

Robert Buan was the MC, giving Michele Duchscherer a chance to talk about MS as hubby Justin looks on.

Another look at the inspired and passionate Michele Duchscherer's efforts for the MS cure.

I dedicate this one to Rob as baseballgirl shows Ken Macha there's no hard feelings.

I had a lot of fun today even though there was no baseball. Thanks for the time, LongTimeFan, gojohn10 and Nico.