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Record Drought No More

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In an exciting finish, Jason Kendall's single landed in a puddle allowing Nick Swisher to swim home with the winning run, ahead of a relay by Omar Visquel that sailed offline due to frostbite...

OK, that didn't happen, because Phoenix chose today to make up, entirely, for 436,832 consecutive days without rain. Compounding matters for the A's, an important simulated game featuring Rich Harden and Frank Thomas had to be canceled due to simulated rain. OK, that didn't happen either.

But the event, spearheaded by Justin and Michele Duchscherer, to raise money for MS did happen and it was well attended both by fans and players alike. A's players making appearances for the cause included Barry Zito, Danny Haren, Joe Blanton, Jay Witasick, Eric Chavez, Bobby Crosby, Mark Ellis, Dan Johnson, Nick Swisher, Mark Kotsay, Bobby Kielty, Charles Thomas, Duke, and even Justin Lehr, now a former Athletic and current Brewer, who came to support the event. Ken Macha was also there, not only posing for photos, but even whimsically honoring a fan's request to take his cell phone and say hi to whoever was on the other end. It was relaxed, fun, and raised money for a great cause. Conclusion: On a day in which their game was rained out, the A's still managed to come out winners.

Sunday's forecast in Phoenix: morning showers, afternoon clearing. Keep your fingers crossed...