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Open Thread: Spring Training Game 10

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Update [2006-3-11 13:38:39 by louismg]:Game has been canceled - according to official A's line. Full refunds... blah.... blah.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cancel the eulogies--remarkably I made it to Phoenix alive and am reporting in from the dry and humid desert, where it is currently wet and cold. I hope they can get the game in! It currently looks more likely than not that they won't play, but it's touch and go... -Nico

I'm following Nico on his ride of terror early tomorrow morning so I'm opening this game thread now.

The A's and Danny Haren take on Barroid, Noah Lowry and the Giants. I'll be there, probably with a rain slicker on if the current forecast holds up.

I'll also be conducting interviews this weekend and hopefully putting them up in MP3 format for your enjoyment.

I do have a fear of flying, but not as dramatic as Nico. I'll just be burying my head in my PSP, studying my prepped questions and occasionally looking at photos of my daughter to get me through. Next time we talk, I'll be in Arizona.

GO A'S!!!