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A's Have New Radio Home

The A's have a new radio home, so I guess it was appropriate that I ran the interview with Vince Cotroneo today.

As a resident of Sacramento, this makes me really angry since there has been no announcement of a station picking up the A's here. I certainly can't get 1550 and I haven't been able to pick up 1220 either.

So, unless some other deal happens, this will be the first season in many years that I'm going to have to deal with no regular radio coverage. And if you combine that with the terrible TV deal the A's have, it's like the A's have forgotten they have fans in Sacramento. KICU is great, if you live in the Bay Area. But since I don't, it looks like I'll be attached to my laptop whenever the A's play and they're on KICU. Oh, that's right, I'm also blacked out on MLB.TV because I'm in some ridiculous 500-mile radius of the Coliseum.

Guess it's MLB gameday audio for me. Is it too hard to ask for a dedicated and powerful radio station? Or at least a Sacramento affiliate that doesn't favor the WNBA over MLB? Maybe I'm being myopic in my view, but couldn't you help boost your fanbase by consistent radio and TV exposure?